FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are TrakMats available for purchase?

Yes. Some businesses will find that TrakMats are so useful they want to use them every day. In that case, it could be more economical to purchase ground protection mats. Please contact us for further information.

Q Are the boards easy to handle ?

Yes as they only weigh 33kgs and have hand cut outs to lift them two people can easily handle them.

Q How are the TrakMat boards connected ?

The boards are joined together with Urethane connectors and bolts, you need an Impact Driver and a 14mm socket to tighten the bolts..

Q How do you lay a temporary road with the TrakMats ?

The boards can be laid widthways to form a 2.4m wide temporary road or they can be laid lengthways as a parallel track with a gap in the middle, this way you can have a 3m wide temporary road with two tracks each being 1.12m wide with a gap of 760mm in the centre.

Q Can steel tracked machines traverse on the TrakMats ?

No, steel tracked machines must not traverse on them as the boards have cylinders on their surfaces which provide the traction a steel tracked machine would tear the cylinders as they move along the boards.

Q Do TrakMats reduce the ground pressure exerted by the wheels of a vehicle ?

Yes the TrakMats will spread the vehicle load over an area 3 times the size of the tyre footprint and therefore will reduce the ground pressure accordingly. For example a 72psi ground pressure would be reduced to 24psi.

ground protection mats on beach ground protection mats spread the load

Q Are the TrakMats environmentally friendly ?

Yes they are made from recycled high density Polyethylene and are recyclable at the end of the product life. Also they are very inert, do not absorb moisture and are very resistant to most chemicals.