Don’t cause destruction when you do construction!

The efficiency of construction operations and projects located in remote areas are strongly impacted by ground conditions. Uneven, muddy or wet conditions can cause detrimental delays or even cancellation of work, resulting in significant commercial loss, such as loss of reputation, the effect on future workloads and unrecoverable management time loss. In addition, poor ground conditions are regularly held responsible for near misses and minor incidents on sites, but also more serious injuries. Within the construction industry, increasing issues with health and safety, the environment and property damage are making ground protection systems a must. Many other makeshift ground covers deteriorate quickly and can be unsafe and slippery.

Mats can assist in enabling access to and from sites, safe walkways or roadways as they provide a stable work area. They can also prevent environmental damage to the land, especially important when working on heritage site, sensitive ecosystems, agricultural lands, and also stop cross contamination between sites.

In the construction industry, you don’t always have the privilege of working on purpose-built sites, you may be working within an established location, for example, a school, road or park where damage to the surrounding area is a big no-no! By using our ground protection boards the ground will be safeguarded and there will be no reinstatement costs to re-grass public areas or parkland and brickwork and tarmac will be unscathed.

A popular choice amongst professionals, the quick to deploy, easy to use and continuous, solid and safe surface of the mats means they only ease operations never hinder them. Our TrakMats & EuroMat weigh in at between 33kg-36kg and hold up to 80 tonnes meaning they only require on two-man installation but still offer strong durability.

So, whether you’re looking to pave the way for delivery access or need to lay down temporary roadways or even temporary car parks we have the product for you.