The Heras Roundtop Panel, is a heavy-duty, anti-climb fence which represents one of the most secure options for maintaining the integrity of a temporary site.

Measuring 2.0m high x 3.5m wide, the heavy-duty round-topped anti-climb fencing panels are intended for long-term use on a series of short-term developments.

They’re completely reusable and are commonly used when providing security and crowd-control at events, as well as keeping the public out of hazardous spots at short notice, perhaps until a more permanent solution can be provided.

No mechanical assistance is required for installation, although heavy duty the fence panels are easy to maneuver and reposition.


  • 2.0M High x 3.5M Wide.
  • Quickly secure any Area.
  • Easy to install and reposition.
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble with no mechanical assistance required.
  • Heavy Duty with Anti Climb design.
  • Perfect for Events, Crowd Control or Hazardous Areas.


  • Building Sites

  • Crowd Control

  • Security

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