Take the risk factor out of your event

The classic British weather means you can never be sure of what conditions you’re going to face for the event that you’ve spent months organising! Hours are spent completing risk assessments, devising emergency exits, limiting sound pollution, as well as many other things, all to ensure the health and safety of your visitors. So, why then risk the experience of these visitors by not planning for something you can’t control?
When hosting an event, you want your visitors to have full and safe access to every element of it. Wet and bogged ground can not only make for difficult walking, footwear damage and unsafe conditions but can negatively impact the experience of attendees in every form. For example, take a County Show; there are hundreds of stalls, hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors. The night before the event there is a torrential storm, luckily the rain holds off for the day of the event and so the number of attendees is still good. Unfortunately, the ground is very damaged, the carpark is a mess and only suitable for 4×4 vehicles and the livestock and horse exhibitors are struggling to get the lorries/trailers onto the site. What do you do? Admit defeat and say, ‘you can’t control the weather’? We don’t think so, using ground protection mats, you can not only provide secure car parking, strong temporary roadways and safe pedestrian paths but can also limit the damage to the ground underneath them, no matter if wet or dry!
It’s not just big events that can benefit from ground protection mats. Small outdoor events such as fetes, outdoor markets, sports days, music concerts and craft fairs can be disrupted by the weather and sometimes having just a few mats on hand can make a huge difference. Where pedestrian and vehicle access to fields is through gateways and bottlenecks lead to a build-up of mud, mats can be invaluable to prevent the ground being churned up. They can also help when this has already happened to provide safe footing for pedestrians and to help to prevent further erosion of the ground.
You can’t control the weather but hiring the ground protection mat system will give you the peace of mind that you will be able to control the effects of the weather.